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PT Sahid International Hotel Management & Consultant was established on May 27th, 1994, with the aim of providing management services and hospitality consultancy. Areas of business include:

  • Project Technical Assistance Services
  • Hotel and Operations Management
  • Sales & Marketing and Human Resource Development

  • Being a leader in hospitality management both nationally and internationally.
  • Be a profitable company for the shareholders and stakeholders

  • Offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure maximum return on investment to its owners and investors.
  • Provide optimal service either at the time of planning, development time and during operation of the hotel.
  • Deliver organized structure for marketing, e-commerce, local and national sales programs.
  • Develop human resources to establish a strong and lasting foundation in the organization.

PT Sahid Hotel Management & Consultant (SIHM&C) currently operates and manages 26 hotels throughout Indonesia with 10 new hotel projects under development. SIHM&C plans to reach its goal of 100 hotels by the year of 2025. In addition to managing its own properties, SIHM&C also operates and manages hotels / properties belonging to investors and partners. All properties managed by SIHM&C will have the same unique standard of services that has become the hallmark of Sahid Hotels.

An upscale local brand in major urban centers, gateway cities and resort destinations in strategic location across the Indonesia archipelago, Sahid Hotels is a dynamic hotel brand full of cultural wealth located in each of Indonesia's 33 provinces, with 3,824 rooms available.

Sahid Hotels help streamline projects in the most time-efficient and cost effective manner to ensure your property opens strong. Sahid Hotels have assumed leadership in Indonesia’s hospitality industry by providing all the comforts and conveniences of home to millions of visitiors at their hotels located in major business centers and popular holiday areas across the country. In fact, the Sahid group’s family of hotels has grown to become one of the nation’s largest independent hotel chain.

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